When it comes to commercializing your product for the US marketplace, the ImagineerX Team provides you the assistance to take care of all necessary details.

Foodservice Strategic Growth Accelerator

Who Are We and
What Do We Do?

ImagineerX is a US Foodservice Industry new product “Go-To-Market” enabler.

In other words, ImagineerX is your product’s “Growth Accelerator.”

Development of your product is just the tip of the iceberg. Our team thinks of everything else, such as: business plans, budgets, financial aid, packaging, labeling, nutritionals, FDA, government registrations, correct audience determination and targeting, operator menu and guest intelligence, culinary applications, marketing plans (trade and consumer), setting up a sales organization, inventory systems, distribution, etc.


The “X” stands for “Accelerate!”


ImagineerX “accelerates” your new product’s entry into the foodservice industry. You are the product developer. We are your “right arm” - taking care of the details including: operations, marketing, marketing services, social media, sales, sales support, culinary development, etc. We help make your product “saleable” and “requested” in the food-away-from-home” industry.


Whether you are new and aspiring or seasoned and growing, ImagineerX helps you imagine, create, plan, build, market, operate and grow your business with targeted foodservice operators and their guests.


ImagineerX accelerates your product to market and helps you make money!

What About

The Industry?


What is Foodservice?


The Foodservice Industry accounts for all the food purchased at outlets for consumption away from home, or “prepared foods” purchased for the busy consumer to be eaten at home. Foodservice is also commonly referred to as “food-away-from-home” (FAFH.)



Industry sales in 2015 were estimated at $709 Billion!

And the prediction for 2016 is $735 Billion!

47% of the US food dollar is spent on food away from home!

And, no matter how bad the economy gets, people still need to eat.



There are now over 1,000,000 foodservice establishments in the US. 70% of those are independents, 30% are chain restaurants (national accounts.) All this food preparation is now responsible for over 13.7 Million jobs.


The foodservice industry is comprised of “Commercial” establishments (restaurants that you would walk into off the street or supermarket prepared meals), and “Non-Commercial” establishments (schools, colleges/universities, healthcare (both patient and staff), office & plant cafeterias, catering, prisons, military, vending, office coffee service, etc.).



Selling to Foodservice

Foodservice and retail are two completely different animals. With retail, you go and see a buyer. If they like your product, they may give you a shot. As you know, that’s just the beginning.


At ImagineerX, we don’t start with the buyer… they come last. We talk with marketing, R&D, culinary, and finally, the foodservice buyer.  It’s a different path to success and we call it “Intelligent Selling.”

Who’s The Team?

ImagineerX is an organization made up of foodservice industry professionals with the distinction of bringing new products to market. We incorporate a team-approach working with our clients to develop and promote brand concepts that assist the foodservice operator with new and meaningful guest-targeted profitable options that fit menus.

Our team is well versed in:

• Business acumen & start-up

• New product development

• Branding

• Product research

• Market research

• Pricing

• Menu analysis

• Culinary development

• Marketing planning

• Sales

• National account sales

• Sales management

• Sales support

• Broker set-up & management

• Distributor sales

• Production

• Packaging / labeling

• Warehousing

• Supply chain

• Product introduction

• Marketing  communications / design

• Social media development & management

• Electronic media

• Advertising

• Public relations

• Sales promotion

• Video

• Food shows & special events

• And most importantly, “industry relationships!”

How Does Product Commercialization Work?

ImagineerX’s 4-phase product commercialization program systematically takes a new product from conceptualization to product roll-out covering all bases from business plan development to full national rollout.  It is a systematic process enabling success at each level prior to proceeding forward. This insures successful product achievement for the manufacturer.



Off-Shore Manufacturer US Product Introduction and Product Management


ImagineerX also assists non-US based food manufacturers in readying their products for the unique US foodservice market, targeted operators, and concept guests. We get your word out and manage your successful US presence.

What is ImagineerX Menu Trendsetter?

ImagineerX works with our manufacturer clients to develop brand concepts that provide the foodservice operator with future meaningful and profitable options. Our team studies current trends in fine-dining arenas including menus, international flavors, fusion, and guest preferences, and applies our findings to the needs of a chain’s target audience. Often the guests of the future who are making the most noise (Millennials) are looking for trending options that meet new wave (sustainable, healthy, natural, organic, non-GMO, local, new, artisanal, ethical, allergen free, portable, etc.) dining needs.


The results are new menu items incorporating your products. We find future niches for all of the products we represent. This trickle down trend process usually takes from 3-5 years, and we help promote it all along the way.

What Are
Next Steps?


ImagineerX is a contemporary team of professionals offering unique value-added products and services to our manufacturer clients, their customers, and the entire foodservice industry.


Be a part of the huge foodservice marketplace and let us help create your success!


Call or write Bob Hiller, President of ImagineerX and we will draft a customized plan for you.



Phone: (908) 878-8665                     Email: info@imagineerx.com









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